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Your plans…or God’s purpose?

This week’s devotions are based on the Week 1 “Explore God” – Does Life Have Purpose? (WATCH HERE)

We make a lot of plans in life…plans for school…plans for sports…plans for career…plans for marriage…plans for vacations…plans for retirement…plans for ______…the list goes on.  If you were to evaluate the number of plans you have made compared to the number of plans that actually happened just as you planned them, it would not be 100%.  Then if you think of all the plans that you made and many that you executed that still have impact on you today, the percentage is probably relatively small comparatively.

King Solomon realized as he went through life that man makes plans, but finally the Lord’s will and purpose will prevail.  In Proverbs 19:21, he wrote, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

What is interesting is the Lord’s purpose has been at work since the creation of the world.  His purpose to have mankind as his crowning creation in a loving relationship with him has always been at the heart of his purpose.  When sin entered the world and death through that sin, the Lord’s purpose did not change.  Rather he methodically worked through generations of people and nations to bring about the birth of his Son Jesus into the world.  With deliberate intent Jesus went through his life of growing up, teaching, healing, and performing miracles all with the purpose in mind that one day he would suffer, die and rise again.  This phrase rolls off our tongues, yet the significance of those events STILL has impact today and will have impact forever.

God’s plan has and always will have an eternal purpose.

However, it’s not just God operating in heaven who has an eternal purpose.  When we are connected to the Lord by faith, we too are given and eternal perspective and an eternal purpose.  I start asking a different question.  Instead of asking, “What is MY purpose in life?” I ask the question, “God what is YOUR purpose for me in my life?”

So my focus becomes different.  Sure we still plan practices, education, date nights, vacations, and big events, but they have a different place in our hearts.  We know that our plans for this life are small in comparison to God’s plan for our life…which is eternal.  We know that the temporary nature of our plans which often fall through or don’t happen as we think they should are superceded by God’s purpose which is always working for our eternal good.

So as you begin another day, the question to ask yourself as you begin your day is this, “God how do I carry out your purposes in my life today?”

Then I think through the opportunities on my calendar and ask:

  • How can I use these interactions to show the love of God?
  • How can I use these interactions to show love to others?
  • How can I use all that I do to glorify God?

And then you head out to take the kids to practice…encouraging them to play to the best of their ability and show good sportsmanship to the other team.  It means heading off to work with a peace in your heart that you get to show up and give your best to the glory of God, even if the boss doesn’t recognize it.  It means I can take a walk outside anticipating God may allow my paths to cross with a person that needs a kind hello or a more deliberate conversation.  It just changes our days from our plans to God’s purposes.

So enjoy your day living for the Lord…it’s importance and impact will last longer than today!


Apply: Think through the questions above.  What difference can it make if you live purposefully today carrying out God’s purpose instead of exactly your plan?

Prayer: Lord, thank you for orchestrating your plans and purposes in my life.  Help me each day to see the eternal plan and purpose you have for me!  AMEN.

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