Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX

Life Events

Birth and Baptism

Upon the birth of a child, members are encouraged to inform the pastor to make Baptism arrangements. Baptism can be administered at the hospital, in a private family service, or during a regular congregational worship service. We believe it is important that Baptism take place as soon as possible after the birth. Sponsors (Godparents) or witnesses may be present but are not required.

Special Prayers

In the Bible, God tells us, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16)  If a member wishes the prayers of the congregation to be offered during public worship for a particular reason, the pastor will gladly do so at the member’s request.

Personal Counseling

While our pastors and ministers are not professionally trained counselors, they are able to offer advice, pastoral experience, common sense support, and spiritual guidance for many difficulties faced by members. If professional counseling is deemed necessary, the pastor is able to make referrals to a professional Christian counselor. Please do not hesitate to contact our pastor when you feel a need for his counsel.


Tradition suggests that couples who plan to marry do so through their home congregation. The pastor willingly provides marriage services, but asks that the following guidelines be followed:

  1. Contact the pastor to reserve a date and place for the wedding as soon as possible to avoid any conflicts with the use of the building;
  2. Attend a pre-marital counseling session with the pastor;
  3. Consult with the pastor as to any and all details concerning the ceremony.

Non-member couples who wish to marry at Cross & Crown Lutheran Church are asked to contact the pastor.  Such situations are handled at the discretion of the pastor.

Home-bound Visits

When members are unable to attend regular services, the pastor will go to the home or location of the member to share God’s Word and to administer the Sacrament. Please notify the pastor to schedule a visit.

Illness and Hospitalization

At times of illness, no greater comfort can be provided than through the message of healing given by God in His Word. The pastor welcomes the opportunity to share that message when a member is ill or hospitalized. Members are encouraged to inform the pastor if such a visit is desired.

Death and Burial

With death being the ultimate doorway through which one must pass from earthly life to eternal life, it is critical that a person be spiritually prepared. Personal ministry to the dying and to their family is a priority of the pastoral staff. Contact the pastor immediately when this ministry is needed. Christian burials are conducted by the pastor for members and their families, as well as non-members and their families who have been served by the pastoral staff.

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