Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX


Stay In Touch

#1) Social Media

#2) Our MOBILE APP (above in with white phone & branch in the blue box) for the church and public is called CHURCH AP – TITHE.LY. It gives you quick access to sermons, blog posts, events, and much more. There is a feed on the home page of the app that syncs the twitter, facebook and event posts, even if you are not subscribed to any of those social media sites. All you need is a smart phone. We suggest all friends of CC have this app on their smart phones to keep in touch with the latest at CC.  Here is how you get it:


CHURCH APP (purpose: quickest way to see what is happening at CC. Easy access to to sermon audios, CC blog and social media posts, public calendar, link to THE HUB, link to prayer wall, Bible, etc. This app is intended for you & the public.)

  • Go to your app store
  • Search “CHURCH APP – TITHE.LY”
  • Enter the church zip code: 78628 (or search for Cross and Crown)
  • Select CROSS AND CROWN and SAVE as your home church


3) Member Directory App via the HUB: for members of the church, we have a private and secure “CCB app” (above in white box with 3 circles) like directory that can be saved like an app on your smart phone to give you quick access to the member directory – phone numbers, addresses, etc. This, of course, is private for members who have a vested interest in genuine relationships within our community. To get this app


CCB APP (purpose: private and secure log-in based church directory) 

1)  using your internet on your smart phone, go to

2) once on our website, select HUB on the top navigation bar

3) this will take you to the CCB/HUB log-in page, under the username and password box select MOBILE LOG IN for access to the member directory by name (if you want to access the full HUB site from your smart phone you can, just access full site instead of mobile log in).

4) log in (user name is often your first and last name; password is whatever password you set up)(if you do not have an account set up, contact the church and we will help you)

5) it will take you to the search page. Look at the bottom of your device, you should see the box with arrow (iphone anyway) to share page… select the option to add to your home screen. This will make a CCB icon on your home page. When you click it in the future you will be able to search for a name (assuming they are in the database), it can pull up their profile (name, address, phone, map, etc.)


* Note: the mobile log in is intended to act like a “directory” only, so if you want to go to groups, messages and other tabs in the hub, it is easiest to do this from a desktop, or log in again but just sign in (don’t use the mobile log in link) so you can access the whole site.



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