Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX

Foundations Class

Cross & Crown’s Foundations Class has three key components:
  1. Four Key Concepts (4 Lessons)
  2. Faith Builders (6 Lessons)
  3. Growing in Grace (8 Lessons)

These 18 lessons provide a solid basis for understanding and building your Christian faith.  For those thinking about membership at Cross & Crown, those who recently joined or ones who just have questions this is the place to start!

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Four Key Concepts LessonsFour Key Concepts Audio
Key Concepts Introduction
Key Concept 1: SIN
Key Concept 2: GRACE
Key Concept 3: FAITH
Key Concept 4: WORKS


Faith Builder LessonsFaith Builder AudioFaith Builder Appendices
Lesson 1: ScripturesAppendix I: Original Languages
Lesson 2: Reading the BibleAppendix II: Translations
Lesson 3: Our Triune GodFB Lesson 3 AudioAppendix III: Attitudes toward Bible
Lesson 4: Jesus ChristFB Lesson 4 AudioAppendix IV: Approaches to Scripture
Lesson 5: BaptismAppendix V: Evolution/Creation
Lesson 6: The Lord's SupperAppendix VI: Creeds
Appendix VII: Work of Christ
Appendix VIII: Infant Baptism
Appendix IX: Luther on Baptism
Appendix X: Arguments vs. Lord's Supper
Appendix XI: Luther on Lord's Supper


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