Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX

Our Church

Crosspoint (originally Cross and Crown) was founded in 1997 to reach the community of Georgetown. Originally, to serve the local community, Cross and Crown had a traditional approach to worship, study and connect with people. Since that time, Georgetown has grown rapidly – attracting people of all ages. Since 2017, we have been on a mission to evolve and expand ministry in a way that is relevant to a younger generation. While we are built squarely on the foundation of God’s Word, we are committed to seek to understand relevant ways to connect and support people to growth in faith and their relationship with God. We added a contemporary worship in 2017, are building a children’s ministry program and developing virtual ministry. In 2022 we shifted our church name to CROSSPOINT. A Crosspoint is the intersection of something … We believe Jesus is at the intersection of everything important in life. Our vision is to be a place where faith and life intersect – a place where people in the middle of life can come to see how connection to Jesus affects the meaning, purpose, and essence of life. Our desire is that Crosspoint is a place to come as you are (wherever you are in life’s journey) with a curiosity about God, a desire to know God and an openness to explore faith and its impact on life.

Mission statement: GROW with Purpose; GO with Passion!
Vision Statement: To be a community where faith and life intersect.
Pillars: Connect: Worship: Grow: Serve: Share.
a place to:

  • connect with others (CONNECT)
  • grow in faith (GROW)
  • serve with purpose (SERVE)
  • share generously with others (SHARE)

1. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Every person experiences the love of Christ.
2. VISIBLE GRACE: We live, forgive, and give each other grace.
3. AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY: We are real and transparent.
4. EXTREME GENEROSITY: We gratefully and joyfully give our first fruits.
5. CULTURALLY RELEVANT: We share Jesus in a way that connect with culture.
6. OUTREACH FOCUSED: It is not about us, but rather reaching others.
7. PERSISTENT PRAYER: We rely on and regularly use the blessing of prayer.

What we focus on:
1. Solid Biblical Teaching
2. Space to grow, learn and live in faith together
3. Connect Jesus in a relevant way to the next generation

Whether a week or a lifetime individuals will experience growth in love for God, love for others and a closer walk with Jesus.

OUR MINDSET: Internal Culture & Community

The “culture” of an organization says a lot about the organization. How it FEELS to be part of the group and what is important to the group. In this community we desire people feel welcome, safe, accepted, loved. We believe that people need to feel comfortable to show up how they are, where they are, and that it is perfect. We are all at different places in our faith journey. We want to love people where they are. This culture is one where people are committed to growing in their relationship with God to know Him better and experience God’s love, grace and forgiveness. In addition, people practice their faith through personal transformation in how they see people (through God’s eyes vs human eyes that can judge) and then seek to selflessly serve, being God’s hands and feet. In a culture like this people get to experience and feel God’s love and grace, as their lives are transformed through God’s love personally which changes the way we live and see people.

We desire that every ministry partner is committed to:
• Daily growth in God’s Word
• Weekly gathering to Worship God
• Weekly fellowship to encourage and pray for one another
• See people through God’s eyes
• Heart & grace centered
• Know & live their unique calling and gifts
• Put faith into action through active service

OUR MISSION/MINISTRY: External Mission & Great Commission
This is the WHY we are doing any of this – it is the SO WHAT, NOW WHAT factor. We know the world needs Jesus. In a culture that is exponentially moving away from church and a faith (;) Satan is effectively luring people away through creating reasons to be disgruntled with church, busy with life, enamored with reason/man’s science and disconnected from God. The world is fallen, and sin has an impact of pain, brokenness, and darkness. People need God’s light and hope. While the church is full of broken people struggling with life, we all are children of God: forgiven, loved and redeemed. Our mission is to share this message of grace and redemption with the world. It offers HOPE and LIGHT, ENCOURAGMENT and WISDOM when life seems complex and hopeless. God will always win and desires us to SEEK Him, KNOW Him and FOLLOW Him.

Our desire, every partner in ministry:
• is on this mission
• has a heart for the world to know Jesus
• cares about people first
• committed to growing in faith, to transform their own heart & mind
• active part of the body/ministry
• see, serve & love people
• urgency to share Jesus with people

our mission: Grow With Purpose - Go With Passion