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Welcome to Crosspoint Kids Ministry, dedicated to helping kids connect with Jesus and grow in their faith! Our kid-friendly facilities offer various programs and spaces for children of all ages, from nursery to youth.

CP KIDS THEME PASSAGE: Train a child in the way they should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

 CP KIDS PURPOSE: To plant and nurture the seeds of faith in the hearths of children by teaching God’s Word through stories and songs and by establishing healthy worship practices, fostering young Christian friendships and habits.


  1. Make learning about Jesus’ fun and understandable (age-appropriate level)
  2. Have a spiritual message to nurture their faith and share with others.
  3. Be a place kids to enjoy and are supported in each stage of spiritual growth (growing in getting into the Bible, praying and applying God’s Word to their lives)


  • Sunday Nursery: The Seedlings Nursery is perfect for parents with infants to tots aged 1-2 years old, providing a peaceful and safe environment for kids to relax and play during church events.
  • Sunday Kids Church: Our Kids Church program invites children from ages 3 to 5th grade to engage in worship, discussions, and activities designed to help them learn about God and have fun. Crosspoint Kids Church is offered Sept-May and while Crosspoint KM does not offer Kids Church during the summer, we have special events and activities to keep kids engaged and connected to their faith.
  • Middle School: Youth confirmation classes for middle schoolers in 6-8th grade, and we are always looking for passionate youth leaders to mentor and lead this program.
    At Crosspoint Kids Ministry, we desire every child develop a meaningful relationship with Jesus, and we are committed to providing a nurturing and enriching environment for them to do so. Join us today!

CROSSPOINT BABIES/TOTS – The Seedlings Nursery

NURSERY: For infants and tots, the nursery is staffed during worship to drop your child off in the care of a background checked volunteer. It is open outside of worship, to use as needed.  While infants are welcome, the space is geared for infants to tots 1-2 years old (kids in diapers) and has a rocking chair for breast feeding moms. A registration page is on the bookshelf to check-in and leave you cell number to text in case of needs.

The changing tables are in the men and women restrooms.


Toddler Quiet Books can be checked out from the nursery and yellow worship activity bags are hanging by the nursery door, for younger children to enjoy a worship activity bag during the service.

CROSSPOINT KIDS – Kids Church, Sprouts & Shoots Room

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me” Matthew 19:14.
We love kids and want to help them connect to Jesus.

We are a small mission church, with a growing kids ministry. We will expand our program as more volunteers and kids join, and currently have one main program for preschool and elementary = KIDS CHURCH.

KIDS CHURCH*: Prior to worship, kids are welcome to come check out the kids space and check in.   The Kids Church program begins during the 2nd half of  worship.  Families start together in worship for songs, welcome and theme of the day.  After the 3rd song, potty trained 3 y/o kids to 5th grade are invited to attend Kids Church.  Kids church starts as a group in the main kids room (located in the rooms just beyond the bathrooms by the kitchen).  As a group they start with prayer, a few active worship songs, the truth for the day, theme passage & video.  Then kids break into small groups for discussion, application and activities.

As our program grows, we have space to break into small groups with:

  • Age 3 to Kindergarten in the Sprouts Room
  • 1st grade to 3rd grade in the Shoots Room
  • 4th & 5th grade in the Main Room at the back of Kids Church

After the breakout time, kids can stay inside doing games or activities or can go outside to the playground area. Parents pick up their kids from Kids Church after church is over. Please help them gather their items before you go, which usually include a take home craft or activity to remember the lesson, a family page and a prize from treasure box.

(Note: our program is small but growing. Currently we have mostly lower elementary kids – the program is great for connecting with kids to have a fun relationship with each other while learning about God and growing in faith.)(*Summer months of June, July and Aug does not offer Kids church)


Youth Confirmation (7th and 8th grade)

We offer youth confirmation classes for middle schoolers in 7th and 8th grade.  For those with little Bible’s background, we begin at 6th grade so they can get a jump start on learning. If a child has not attended confirmation and is in High School, they are welcome to the class. Classes start in the fall.  Email for information!

Middle School (6th-8th grade) & High School (9th-12th grade)

We currently do not have many kids in this age group – Praying for middle and high school kids to join us as well as passionate youth leaders to mentor and lead this program!


Currently while we have a smaller staff, we do not offer Kids Church in June, July or Aug to allow the staff to plan for the school year, refresh and reset the space. Kids attend regular worship with their families during the summer and use the kids bags, special kid outlines and such to help them enjoy worship.


Through the year we may do special events like Easter egg hunts, Movie Nights, summer camps, etc.


These events are based on volunteer interest. We are always looking for others with a passion for serving and supporting kids to grow in faith. An interview and background check is required for all volunteers.  Membership to the church (committing to Crosspoint values, mission and a unified perspective in faith) is required for leaders. Regular attenders can volunteer to assist in the program.


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