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You are a winner…Fully Forgiven!

(This morning’s devotion is based on the Easter message: Jesus Wins! (CLICK HERE)

Today’s Monday, the day after Easter.

Perhaps you have the day off.  Perhaps it’s back to school or back to work.  Perhaps it’s a travel day back home after spending the weekend with family or friends.  Perhaps it’s a clean up and catch up day after a busy weekend.

I guess the question is, will Easter matter today.

To be honest, as a pastor there are moments when the busy routine of the last week is done when it’s easy to think, “I’m glad that’s over.”  I hate to admit it, but the thought floats through my mind.

But it’s not over.  And I ask forgiveness for even thinking that.

But do you feel the same at times?  Just glad the busy weekend is over.

Unfortunately, Easter can be “put away” to be “resurrected” again next year.

But let’s not do that. 

The victory that Jesus won and the victory he gives to us as a result are worthy of being part of every day.  In fact, the victory of Jesus is key to win every day!

We get to live as winners each day because of what Jesus accomplished by rising from the dead.  Like a come-from-behind win at the last second, Jesus came out of the tomb alive after it seemed like death had won and the game was over.  When the buzzer went off, the tomb was empty and Jesus was alive.

So what does that mean for your Monday?

Perhaps reflect on this point.

Today you can live with peace in your heart that you are fully forgiven and your relationship with the Lord is secure.  Why?

Romans 4:25 He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.

Jesus went to the cross because of our sin.  The death he experienced was the consequence our sin deserved.  He willingly endured the cross for you and me.

However, if he would have stayed dead, sin would have won.  He was raised to life for our justification.  

To be justified is to be declared “not guilty.”  It’s a legal declaration that has binding effects.  Even though the evidence may point against us, Jesus comes between us and the Judge and gives us his perfect life even as our sin is put on his shoulders.  The Judge, God himself, then declares us “not guilty.”  The resurrection of Jesus is the proof that his payment on the cross was sufficient for sin.  So sin was punished, just not in you or me.  Yet, we are given the status of “not guilty.”

What does that mean for you today?  If your conscience torments you about something you have done in the past, or struggling with today and your conclusion is that God cannot love you and will never forgive you, look into the empty tomb.  If you know that your wrong doing has affected people you love and care about and you can never forgive yourself, look into the empty tomb.  If you are facing death and are fearful that God will never accept you into heaven because you haven’t been good enough, look into the empty tomb.

Jesus won and gives you his victory.

Live today as a winner…fully forgiven and right with God…because Jesus lives!


Apply: What sin of the past does Satan love to bring back into your mind?  When it comes simply say, “the tomb is empty.  I am forgiven.”

Prayer: Lord thank you for raising your Son from the dead as full assurance his death on the cross was payment in full for all of our sins.  Help us to live today as winners, confident we have been declared not guilty and that declaration stands.  AMEN.

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