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Wisdom leads to Witness!

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This week’s devotions are based on the Week 11″Explore God” – Meant for More! (WATCH HERE)

Colossians 4:5 Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. 

How we interact with people makes a difference in our opportunities to have a conversation about Jesus.

When the Apostle Paul wrote these words to the Christians in Colosse, he was in prison.  He could have spent his time complaining about the conditions, moaning about how unfair his imprisonment was, and making life challenging for the other inmates or the guards.

But he was wise in the way he acted toward outsiders.  He knew that the way he conducted himself in the prison cell would make a difference in his relationship with the others in the prison.  He didn’t regret the situation, he made the most of the opportunity.

Admittedly, life can get challenging.  Even today you may know that on your agenda is facing a challenging issue whether in your home, at work, or at school.

How we show up in those situations makes a difference.  What impression does it make if our conversations with coworkers are full of complaints about the work, the other co-workers or the boss?  What impact does it make if we saunter into the classroom late and mumble under our breath how much we hate school?  What impression is left with a fellow golfer if every shot has a curse or swear word attached to it?

These examples are showing a lack of wisdom as we interact with outsiders and thus, I would guess, would leave a negative witness mark in others minds.

But what if you would reverse these scenarios starting with a prayer that the Lord would give you a perspective of joy and positivity (not fake) but an outlook that seeks the opportunity in every interaction.

Perhaps you show up at work with a mindset of working hard and wanting to make a difference and do what you can to improve the product, employee moral, or the reputation of the company.  What might happen when those around you notice?

What would happen if you showed up at school and noticed a classmate that seemed down or discouraged and sat next to them and asked “What’s bothering you today?”  What would happen if you offered to help a struggling classmate with a homework assignment?  Do you think those wise interactions might lead to a witness opportunity?

What might happen if during your round of golf or other social engagement you took time to really get to know a person you don’t know very well.  Use the round of golf as a way to connect relationally with people and show you care.  Do you think this wise interaction might lead to a witness opportunity?

I don’t know for sure, but the chances are much greater than the first set of examples.  God is going to give you opportunities today to both act wisely with outsiders and make the most of a witness opportunity.

Remember to start with prayer for God to open that door and give you the words he wants you to share…and then embark on the adventure today to act in wisdom with others so the Lord might present you with an opportunity to witness…and then make the most of it!


Apply: What situations/appointments today might be opportunities to act in wisdom toward outsiders or witness to your faith?  Pray about them now!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, forgive me for the times I have been a fool in my interactions with others.  Open the door of opportunity today that I might act in wisdom and witness with boldness.  AMEN.

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