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The Word Brings Knowledge and Judgment

Daily Devotions based on the Sermon Series: “Thoroughly Equipped”
Week 1 of 4: “The Scripture Leads Us!”

THIS WEEK: Psalm 119 – Benefits of the Word!

Is turning to the Word of God often times a “last step” instead of a “first step?”  We try to navigate a relationship issue on our own without prayer or guidance from the Word…does that end up well?  We face a work issue and leverage all our skills and resources without asking God for wisdom and insight?  Do we face a major decision and never pray for good judgment?

Human nature and rugged individualism lead us to try all the things we can do or think of and then perhaps seek the Lord and his Word.  Often times we struggle or suffer more figuring it out ourselves before going to God and his Word to seek knowledge and good judgment.

Why not start there?

Look at what Psalm 119:65-68 tell us:

65 Do good to your servant according to your word, Lord.

66 Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I trust your commands.

67 Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word.

68 You are good, and what you do is good; teach me your decrees.

What does God promise us in his Word?

  1. His Word will not mislead us. It is truth and it all is given to us for our good.
  2. His Word teaches us knowledge. It gives us information, perspective and a worldview to make sense of life and the things that happen.
  3. His Word guides good judgment. God gives us his commands for our blessing and guidance.  They are trustworthy.  No need for situational ethics, or relativistic decisions.  We have God’s commands that form a foundational core to our judgment of what is right or wrong, good or evil.
  4. His Word prevents us from unnecessary affliction. How many heartaches, emotional struggles, relationship challenges could have been averted by a promise or truth from God and his Word.  The absence of God’s Word in our life will lead us astray.  Obedience to the Word of God will keep us in the path of blessing from the Lord.
  5. His Word teaches us what is good. When you see someone experience success you may ask them what they have done to achieve it and then seek to replicate it.  When we recognize the Lord is good and all he does is good, he is one we want to follow.  Teach me LORD!  Teach me your decrees!  I know they are good and will bring good to me!

So I am reminding my readers and myself.  Start with the Word…don’t use it as a last resort.  Use it as a first resort.  Spare yourself the additional affliction and hardship!

Apply: What situation in life have you experienced challenges when you forgot to seek the Lord first?  How did things change when you sought God’s knowledge and judgment into the situation?

Prayer:  Lord, you watch me struggle when I do things apart from you.  In your grace remind me sooner than later to turn to you.  Then teach me knowledge and good judgment! Amen.

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