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The Foundation Matters!

Build on the rock! -

This week’s devotions are based on the message: “I Love My Church” Week 1 (LISTEN HERE)

The Foundation Matters

Periodically on Facebook, TV or other media sites you will see advertisements for companies that can fix your home’s foundation.  Sometimes the soil on which your house was built shifts causing cracking or settling of the foundation.  As a result the home is crooked at best, unstable at worst.  Of course if you were building your home, you would want to make sure the foundation was built properly so there would be no problems in the future.

A solid foundation matters.  A foundation that doesn’t move matters.  A foundation that doesn’t fail matters.

Especially today.

Culture has come at the foundation of society with massive jack hammers.  Especially anything that has a connection to Christianity seems to be the main things they want to break off or break away…issues of life…sanctity of marriage…gender…morality…and more.

It’s challenging to live on a foundation that moves or is crumbling.  What will be the norm tomorrow?  How am I supposed to show up today?  Honestly if there is no foundation, we all become homeless as a culture, determining our own plot of ground on which to pitch our tent.

Perhaps some like that and do not want the perceived confines of a foundation, but one loses the stability of the foundation, the building built on the foundation and the safety, shelter, and stability that structure provides.

Which is why I love the Church!

The foundation of the Church is the Word of God.  The Apostle Paul put it this way:

Ephesians 2:20 “… built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets,…”

This phrase captures all the Word of God, both Old Testament and New, all the individuals who wrote under the promise and reality of inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

Admittedly, culture doesn’t want to live on this foundation.  In fact, they become antagonistic when even from a legal stand point it seems like they are being forced onto a foundation that is informed by the Word of God.  Some people just want to remain homeless.

But God wants the best for us.  Just like Austin, TX spends millions of dollars to provide housing for the homeless, God spent the blood of his Son to give us a home that we didn’t purchase, deserve, or build.  Sadly, there are some who don’t want what the Lord has to offer.

Yet, the Foundation of the Word of God is what gives eternal safety, earthly guidance, and many blessings to the individuals who not only hear and read the Word of God, but put it into practice.  It is a foundation that won’t shift when culture does.  It is not a Foundation that will crack when pressured to do so.  It is not a foundation that is going to crumble even when others try.

The Church, God’s people, is built on this foundation.  Which is why I love the Church.  I’m surrounded by people who find the same safety, security, and blessings as I do from the Word of God.  I have people around me that stand firm in the midst of a changing culture.  I have people who find safety in the truths and promises of God.  I have people around me who find a similar purpose in living out life with our God-given gifts to the glory of God.

All because we have been built on a solid foundation.

And a foundation matters.


Apply: What blessings do you receive from being part of a church which is solidly fixed to the foundation of the Word of God?

Prayer: Lord, thank you for laying a solid, immovable, unchanging foundation for your people in your Word.  Help me to always find the safety, security and blessing in it that your promise.  AMEN.

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