Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX

Thank you for supporting Hurricane Needs

Thank you to the many for the MANY donations to help those in need.
Donations were given from those in the church, the surrounding community and even mailed in from others outside the area.

Since the Hurricane we have had several waves of supplies that have come in. We wanted to let you know the donations have been given.
As we heard of needs, we were able to respond with the supplies that you all brought.

First, while we anticipated being able to gather and take them to our sister churches in Houston to assist them in offering support to their communities / neighborhoods, the call came to partner with the Georgetown airport who was flying in supplies to numerous shelters in Beaumont, TX. The need there was significant as many of the homes there were 100% flooded and many were in shelters days after the storm.  We took several loads of cleaning supplies, food, diapers, hygiene items, blankets and more to the airport to be flown in. We also with a wonderful variety of support were able to take about 1000 PBJ sandwiches over with lunch sides that were able to be taken directly to the shelters. We pray they were helpful and found homes with people who were blessed by them.

Second, as additional items continued to come in …. while we thought we would take those to Houston, we heard again of planes going to Puerto Rico to help the devastation that has occurred there. So we have taken the remainder of the supplies to a drop off site in Austin and they will be flown there this week.  Rudy and Humberto from the Puerto Rico Community Center in Austin, were very grateful for supplies.

Thank you all for your time, donations, prayers and support to reach out and care for those in need.

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