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Sermon Series

Our August series delves into the value and blessing of the church.  This God given gift to us as individuals is not only the setting in which we are connected to and strengthened in our relationship with Jesus, it is also the place where we get to engage, contribute and add our gifts to the benefit and blessing of others and the growth of God’s kingdom.  The church isn’t something to consume, it is the most valuable thing to which we contribute as we love others, love serving, love giving and love sharing.  This series we pray is both an encouragement to those who are part of Crosspoint, but also give great reasons for one disconnected to also experience the blessing of church and grow to love being the church as well!

The series runs from August 6-September 3.  (If you miss a message, you can always find them in our SERMON ARCHIVES)

  • Aug 6:         I Love THE Church
  • Aug 13:       Love in Community
  • Aug 20:       Love by Serving
  • Aug 27:       Love by Giving
  • Sept 3:        Love in Sharing


The sermon series is digging into 7 big questions about faith – to grow in your own understanding and your ability to give a reason for the hope you have. Then each week GROW GROUPS are offered to have small group discussion. Numerous GROW GROUPS are being offered to allow for smaller groups in the N, S, E, W and Central areas around Georgetown.

The grow group is intended to facilitate the intersection of faith and life. Groups develop stronger relationships to build faith and family.
Participating in a grow group expands your faith life with members of your local church family. Small groups gather in homes to get to know each other, discuss the sermon series and topic of EXPLORE GOD to grow in our own understanding AND increase our ability to answer these questions
for those around us. Explore God Discussion Groups are an opportunity for people to come together to ask, consider, and seek credible answers to challenging questions about their beliefs. A discussion group is about having honest conversations in a respectful environment. The goals of Explore God Discussion Groups are to invite questions, create authentic conversation, promote experiential learning, and inspire self-discovery

Sept 10 Be prepared to give an answer! Intro to series
Sept 17 Week 1: Does Life Have a Purpose?
Sept 24 Week 2: Is There a God?
Oct 1 Week 3: Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
October 8 Week 4: Is Christianity Too Narrow?
October 15 Week 5: Is Jesus Really God?
October 22 Week 6: Is the Bible Reliable?
October 29 week 7: Can I Know God Personally?
November 5 Relationships that Matter – A: “Friendships That Make a Difference”
November 12 Relationships that Matter – B: “A Life Worth Inquiring About”
November 19 Relationships that Matter – C: “Meant For More”

our mission: Grow With Purpose - Go With Passion