Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX

R3 and Kingdom Workers


Kingdom Workers is a team of retired volunteers who generously give their time and talents to help churches.
We have applied and been accepted to be a SHORT TERM PROJECT for Volunteer Support in 2022. 
We will be receiving a team Jan 17 through Feb 27 of 2022. As a church we have the opportunity to host this great group of volunteers with lunch and snacks on their workdays Tues through Saturday. We also have the opportunity to work together with them on Saturdays with a joint congregational workday (anyone can help anytime if you have extra time). They will be staying in RV’s on the church property. We are excited to have them joining our fellowship for a few weeks (some might stay for different periods of time) and getting to know them! 

Here is more about the Kingdom Worker program LINK
To donate to Kingdom Workers in thanks for their ministry support give here: LINK

A special note to Kingdom Worker Volunteers… Thank you for considering this mission project! We are so excited to have you here in Texas! We are also very thankful for your willingness to serve and help! Your time, efforts and contributions we pray, will be a great blessing! When you arrive you will find a very beautiful and nice traditional church. Because of our mission, the goal is to create a church space that is that is more relaxed, contemporary and relational. There are many reasons for this, that have been studied, reflected on and prayed about in the past 5 years and in greater detail in 2021. While we are stepping out in faith, we have already seen blessing and positive shifts happening. These changes are sometimes hard for us as well, and we are honored to have you walk with us in faith, constantly praying that God would guide and direct our path so that we stay on mission to share Christ in a timeless and relevant way. 

Arrival: Sunday, Jan 16
th or Monday Jan 17th  | First day of work: Tues Jan 17th
Last day of work: Sat, Feb 26 | Thank you party Sunday after church on Sun, Feb 27
Estimated timeline: 6 weeks (project may be completed in a shorter period of time) (bonus projects could be assessed together but could include additional outdoor activity space, internal painting or repairs as things present themselves)


* Build wood altar platform

  • Remove carpet, take off tall section of current alter area  
  • Assess if any material is re-useable  
  • build new single level platform with 2 front steps starting even with angled TV walls
  • install new carpet on the platform 
  • Move a few outlets (BFC discussed volunteers may be highly experienced in wiring, but will need a licensed electrician to pull permits and inspect with city) 

* Shiplap wall: Install boards on wall in a shiplap pattern on large cross wall behind the altar (paint matte dark gray – along w/ 4 angle walls)(paint wall, hang boards, paint boards)(see pic below)
* Remove chair rail (not reusing)
* Paint sanctuary, narthex**, bathrooms (walls in satin light French gray) (white sanctuary baseboards repaint fresh coat white paint) (NOT ceiling and NOT exposed wood rafters in ceiling)
* Stain (any oak window ledge, door & window trim stain “Mission Oak Polyshade” wood varnish)
* Remove pews & carpet
* clean/refinish/seal concrete in main worship space
* Build and install sound board along back wall & side walls
* Build Sound booth (platform and partial walls with small door)(outside shiplap finish painted gray like front)
* paint bronze parts of the hanging light fixtures black (attachment to ceiling, grill at bottom of light and crosses) (remove circle around the cross)
* mount speakers to wall (work with Jim)
* build alter and baptismal font
* stain pew bench to match doors
* add / change lighting as needed (lift required for this – work with Jim for details)
*Build alter furniture – alter, baptismal stand

*Flooring: Install underlayment and vinyl plank floor for narthex & kitchen (including transition cement work (floor leveling compound) between kitchen and mail room so there is not a lip/trip hazard (install over existing tile)
* Storage room – patch drywall, paint room (light French), finish concrete like the church
* Altar room – repaint light French gray
* Bathrooms-
– repaint (color TBD)
– replace toilet in ladies bathroom
* Narthex – Paint walls Light French Grey; Stain oak trim and doors “Mission Oak Polyshade”

* Build wood patio structure near the garage
* Build wooden for kids climber & climber accessories
* Build firepit structure with 6 bench swings (see pic below) (bonus: a second structure the same)
* Crushed granite area off driveway for sitting and activities (between garage and firepit area)
*Paint breezeway benches (blue to outdoor iron ore)
* Plant 5 fruit trees to replace ones that died
* Help trim trees that have rot or dead branches from storm

* re-paint the side entrance door to the kitchen white and put weather stripping around the doorframe
* put weather stripping under the garage door and around edges

Bonus projects – if we have funds and BFC has time and ability:

  • As needed – Projects/problems that show up as project work begins
  • build additional outdoor activities: cornhole, putting green, giant jenga, etc.
  • Build a “bench around the walnut tree”
  • install kick board in the alter room
  • possible painting of cabinets in alter room to WHITE (matching the kitchen)
  • possible resurface counter to match kitchen
  • Possible replacement of stalls in ladies bathroom

* stain the big kids climber, firepit structures, and patio overhang in MAY 2021
* develop garden bed boxes and fenced area
* develop a mini golf area


FIREPIT STRUCTURE  (as close to this as possible) 

Remarkable Swings Around Fire Pit Remodelaholic Tutorial Build An Amazing Diy Pergola And Firepit – Fire Pit Ideas


Big Kids Play Structure (this is concept only … pattern being developed)











2, 24×12 Covered Pergola’s added onto the side of the garage & back of activity area
(waiting for city permit to pour concrete – hoping for this in Jan 2022)
Bench around with Walnut Tree

Shiplap painted wall behind altar area 


Build Sound Booth (in the back center of church between the 2 doors)
(8″ raised carpeted platform, 44″ wall around booth leaving “door” space between wall and booth wall on both sides – sound booth platform is carpeted, as well as the walls around the outside of the booth is carpeted)


Possible additional outdoor activities – ie area for outdoor ping pong, putting green or mini golf course, garden beds, pickle ball or tennis court, basketball court, etc. (this might be stage 2 or 3 depending on funds, volunteers, etc.) 

our mission: Grow With Purpose - Go With Passion