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Lessons from Legos – Part 1

This week’s devotions are based on “We’re in this Together!” (WATCH HERE)

Lessons from Legos.

In 1958, the current form of Lego bricks was born.  First invented by Kirk Christiansen of Denmark, Legos have become a world-wide toy, known for their interlocking, creative inducing, play time. This simple brick and many other iterations all work to connect to each other without glue, nails or other connectors.  A patented connection system makes the Lego blocks still one of the most popular toys for kids (and adults) today.

So what can we learn from Legos?  

Lots.  Especially when it comes to illustrating and helping us understand the blessing of what God has given to us in the concept and reality of the Body of Christ.  The message from yesterday is the place to start…see the link above to watch it.  But let’s delve into Legos, but most importantly the Logos (Greek for Word).

I have heard people say, and perhaps reader you have thought it at some point too, “I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.”  I would say that technically I can agree with that, but it is a narrow statement and honestly an excuse not to attend or be involved in a local congregation.  Many reasons (excuses?) can be found why one might find this to be a truism for their experience.  Maybe they were not treated in a loving manner.  Maybe they did get busy with life.  Maybe they didn’t have the experience that they wanted to have.  

Perhaps if we reword this question with Legos in mind, it will have a different ring.  “A Lego doesn’t have to be part of a kit to be a Lego.”

Anyone ever said that to you?  Holding a single Lego brick would give validity to the claim, “A Lego doesn’t need other Lego’s to make it a Lego.  It is a Lego all by itself.”  However, just give a child one Lego to play with and see what their reaction is, “I can’t do anything with just one Lego!”

Perhaps this helps to understand that just like Kirk Christiansen didn’t invent Legos to just be isolated bricks, so God didn’t give you faith to make you an isolated Christian.  Legos are inherently designed to fit together and work together with other Legos.  A single Lego can exist as a single Lego, but it will never fully achieve its purpose until it is used in conjunction with other Legos.  So God makes Christians not to be in isolation, but to be connected with other Christians.  Can a Christian end up in heaven without being around other Christians?  I would say, “Yes, it’s possible.”  However, an isolated Christian will never achieve his or her purpose and greater blessing unless they are connected with and interacting with other Christians.

This isn’t my idea or the institution of the church’s idea to get people to belong.  This is God’s idea to bring the greatest blessings to individuals and through individuals to others. 

1 Corinthians 12:6 The body is not made up of one part, but many.

A single part is not the whole, but is part of the whole.  Even with two Lego bricks you can do something.  But with more, the potential becomes limitless.

God has made you his child and designed you to be in community with other Christians.  To isolate oneself is to miss out on both the blessing and purpose of being a Christian on this earth…to be connected to and serving with other members of the body of Christ.


Apply: Sometimes people say, “I don’t have to be part of a church to be a Christian.”  Technically, that is true.  However, use today’s illustration with Lego’s to share the reality that a single Lego doesn’t need other Lego’s to be a Lego, but a single Lego is missing out on blessing and purpose when it is not with other Legos.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your love and grace given to me individually.  Thank you also for designing me for and putting me in community with others in your Body.  Help me experience the joy and purpose of being with others of your children.  AMEN.

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