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Harvey2017 Support

How can we help with Harvey Relief & Recovery?

(updated Sept 31, 2017)

As prayers and news continue for those on the Texas coast, especially in Houston (America’s 4th largest city) is need of support to recover from Harvey2017. While there are many areas along the coast, the supplies we are gathers are to help Houston.

Help is needed in three ways if you would like to make a difference:

Pray – Pray for those affected and displaced due to the damage and impact of Hurricane Harvey.

Serve & Give:

  • donating supplies for relief efforts
  • volunteering to serve on a relief team
  • providing financial support


For volunteering or financial donations


NOW – Fri. Sept 9th, Cross and Crown is serving as a drop off site for Austin area.  We will take supplies to our churches in Houston that are able to distribute them to the community or the Red Cross, shelters or other relief groups who are in need.  We are focusing on collecting through Friday, Sept. 8th and then collection efforts will shift to Houston churches and area as it is able to be a staging and distribution center. Any supplies that come in however, we will get to an organization that has needs.

Supplies can be sent or dropped off at:  3800 Shell Road Georgetown, TX 78628
DROP OFF: There is a LARGE GRAY/GREEN COVERED BOX by the front door (under a covered entry should the box be full) – supplies collected and put inside daily.

Note: Churches and other groups desiring to put together a large collection, please see the note on the bottom of the page.



  • NO CLOTHES!! PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF CLOTHES. There are other organizations that are better equipped to handle the volume that comes with clothes. 

Consumable items (frequently asked for by shelters and those displaced from their homes):

  • Water (each person needs 1 gal a day)
  • Hygiene Items (soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary pads and tampons, etc.)
  • Diapers and Wipes (Texas Diaper Bank also collects cash donations)
  • SEALED AND Unused Baby food/formula
  • Pet food
  • Hand sanitizer
  • NEW underwear/boxers, socks
  • insect repellent
  • paper towels, garbage bags (huge black outdoor strength)

Cleaning supplies  (these could be put together as “house kits”) (per texas help doc for homeowners)
◆ Air freshener, 8- or 9-ounce can
◆ Bleach, 82 ounces (or mixes for mold and mildew that are disinfectant)
◆ Bucket, 5-gallon, with lid
◆ Cleaner, household, 12- to 16-ounce bottle
◆ Clothes pins, 50
◆ Clothesline, 100 feet
◆ Detergent, liquid laundry, 50 ounces
◆ Disinfectant dish soap, 16- to 28-ounce bottle
◆ Gloves, latex, 2 pairs
◆ Gloves, work, 1 pair
◆ Masks, N-95 rating, 5
◆ Scouring pads, 5
◆ Scrub brush
◆ Sponges, 7
◆ Towels, cleaning, 18
◆ Trash bags, heavy-duty, 33- to 45-gallon, 24-bag roll

Other clean-up supplies to consider: heavy duty razor blades, tools to pull up carpet, cut sheet rock, etc.


  • towels, pillows and blankets
  • small stuffed animals or blankets for children who are displaced
  • travel games, crayons and color books for children in shelters who have lost their home

CONSUMABLE FOOD: (things that can be eaten without cooking)

  • power bars, granola bars
  • crackers, peanut butter, jelly
  • nuts and trail mix
  • cereal
  • individually wrapped snacks

Hygiene Care Bags (can be prepped in One Gallon zip locks)(for shelters) 

  • Nail clippers
  • Contact solution/contact case
  • Hair brush/comb
  • Hair ties
  • Small pack of tissues
  • Travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Razor

To get an idea of what those returning to their homes are advised to prep for and might find helpful,
this is an informative document to understand what those in recovery will need and be doing



Giving blood will be helpful.  Find a giving spot at or 

Friday Sept 1 from 2:30pm to 6:30pm
Georgetown Parks and Recreation
1003 N. Austin Avenue
Georgetown, TX 78626


WELS/ELS CONGREGATIONS looking to collect large pods and truck loads of supplies should contact Rich Warnecke, with Christian Aid & Relief (CAR) to understand what the needs are.  Georgetown is not a staging or distribution area as we are still 3 hours from Houston. Our congregation is collecting supplies, knowing there will be a need in Houston.  We will be taking supplies to our Houston’s churches (i.e. Friendswood or Woodlands) or giving our collection of supplies to the Red Cross, a shelter or another organization where they can be used.  Those who desire to send a smaller box of supplies to add to our supply collection are welcome to do so PRIOR to Fri. Sept. 8.  The “pod” that was referenced is really our fellowship hall – we do not have a “rented outdoor pod” rather are collecting in the church and using trucks once we have a load to take.  We are collecting during this time that the road are still impassable into Houston, and anticipate they will open up in Sept and will start to take things over. The “center” for need and collecting things will likely shift to the Houston churches as they understand their congregation needs and ability to serve the community. Currently  Andy Retberg at Good Shepherd in the Woodlands has agreed to be a staging area for Houston as they figure out what the needs will be. Again, if you are collecting a small amount of supplies (few boxes), you are welcome to add them to our collection if that is convent for you… otherwise it is best to contact Rich in order to get direction on when, where and what is needed in Houston by the churches there as the needs become clear.

Rich Warnecke
Cell: 262-424-8792

Andy Retberg
Cell: 281-825-6495

There is a TON of support out there. PLEASE follow this path. Direct ALL inquiries from people who want to help to RICH. He has the infrastructure to manage it. Plans will be reviewed and adjusted along the way — especially a week from now when the pastors and CAR meet in Houston.

We praise God for His grace through this storm and how He has spared great damage to many of our churches. We continue to pray for those still tonight in harms way and displaced by the storms. We ask for wisdom and guidance as we seek to support recovery and restoration efforts.

Thank you all for your prayers, love and concerned for our WELS family on the Texas coast. Blessings


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