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About the HUB

THE HUB is a multi-dimensional tool we are excited to be intentionally integrating into many aspects of ministry at Cross & Crown. If you are not technology savvy, don’t worry, information is still going to be in the bulletin, in the entryway, and distributed as needed. If you are tech savvy, you will likely LOVE the features and possibilities with THE HUB.


  • A SECURE web-based (means on-line) system for our church family
  • Called THE HUB, because it is a central place you can go for information remotely and dynamically
  • Multi-functional: member database, a ministry integration tool (ministry groups, events, needs and positions), and a dynamic member community (place to get to know others, including connecting on social media if you wish)
  • Integrates and optimizes many ministry needs: central calendar system of church, public AND group specific events, room reservation system, tracking attendance in groups, allows for group specific communicating, can set preferences to receive important news by text, etc.
  • There are so many ways to use the HUB to develop our community at Cross & Crown as well as integrate ministry communication, processes and increase communication and streamlining of information. You have to check it out to really understand. It is worth your time and effort.


THE HUB at Cross & Crown (launching summer 2017)

AKA: Church Community Builder (this is the provider of the tool)
FAQ’s Sheet
What is the HUB? It is the “name” of the on-line community database for Cross & Crown.

  1. Is the website secure? Will anyone/the public/hackers be able to access private information?
    CCB is a secure website built by Church Community Builder. We pay a yearly subscription to use their software and ongoing support. We have talked with other WELS churches that have been using this system and have had a positive experience without any problems with misuse of member profile information. Only those with a log-in are allowed access and see profile information. Attenders/Members of the church are given a log-in. Each user can select what information they want the membership to see vs. only administrators or leaders. The concept is to empower the body with information. We believe you can build better relationships and do ministry better when you can responsibly access each other via phone, e-mail, etc.
  2. What are the benefits of an on-line database?
  • SECURE access to member information via internet or mobile device (phone #’s & address)*
    • Increase accurate personal information with real-time activity
      • update your profile (can select what info you want to be “public” to membership)
      • indicate your skills and interests, note areas you like to serve in and your availability
      • connect with your groups; centralized spot for information where you are involved in
      • connect with others like you (other parents, people in your demographic, area, etc.)
    • Connect with your groups that you serve or participate in
      • Increased communication between various groups and ministry (calendar, events, sign up list for needs, post request for volunteer positions, etc.)
    • Custom calendar for each person with your groups & church events (that syncs with your iCal)
    • Ability to see volunteer openings, needs & engage AND RSVP for events
    • Schedule events, reserve rooms, see when rooms are already in use with the on-line church calendar
    • See, track and print your own giving statement …. And much more
  1. How do I log on? What website do I go to?
  • Our church site: top of the site look for the word HUB 
  • Directly:
  • If your email is entered in the system, you will have gotten an email to log in & set up your profile.
  • If you did not, you can request a login by going to the URLs above. Enter your email; one will be set up.
  1. Who sees ALL our information? Only the Church Administrator can access all information, other leaders are given various levels of access to see certain types of information, limited to the scope of their ministry work (edit groups, etc.)
  2. What permissions do group leaders have? Group Leaders are able to communicate with their group, record attendance, add/remove group members, post needs, upload files, and generate schedules. They do not have full access to each group members profile, only what is currently enabled by each individual.
  3. How can I email someone even though I can’t see their email address? To help ensure privacy the email address is hidden on the individual’s profile to most users. You are still able to send them a message which will go directly to their in-box (or Spam) and can be replied to you like any other email. NOTE: since these will originally end up in Spam folders, please be sure to check often and mark as necessary. (An individual can choose to make their e-mail viewable if desired).
  4. How do I edit my information? Once you log on successfully, click on “edit profile” and you’ll be able to change your username, password, phone number, address, etc.

 8. Is there an iphone or android app? There is a mobile phone log in with the ability to make an icon to save like an app. You go to the website on your phone, under options on your phone “add to home screen” and it will add the white 3 circle CCB icon. Then you log in with your user name and password, it will take you to the people section of the database where you can see name, phone, e-mail, link to google map, etc. Use this as your church directory. Only members of the church can access this information.

 More questions? Stop by the office and ask for help. We desire all who want to understand the HUB to be empowered to update their information and use the tool to support and equip them for ministry and solid relationships at Cross & Crown. 


for more – download the brochure: HUB Brochure

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