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Gifts from your Father…The Gift of Claiming Us!

My Child

This week’s devotions are based on “Gifts from Our Father!” (WATCH HERE)

“That’s not my kid!” says the organized mom as her child leaves a room a mess. 

“That’s not my kid!” says the tough dad as his child bawls at a little skinned knee.

There are times in parenting when our child does something that is different than how we would operate or react and we in jest say, “That’s not my child.”

However, there is a sad reality that there are times when a child is abandoned and both parents don’t want anything to do with the child.  Or the child has done great harm to himself and his family and all ties are cut off.  No one wants to claim the child as his own.

In a healthy family dynamic, children take for granted that they belong to their mother and father.  They trust that they will be there, that they will be provided for and cared for.  To be rejected would be devastating.

Claiming a child as your own is often a sense of pride too for a parent.  Ask the parents of a star athlete, “That’s MY kid!”  Ask the parents of a child who is praised by their boss for great work performance, “That’s my kid!”

Parents, in general, are proud to claim their children as their own, whether that child is biologically theirs or theirs by adoption.  Children desire the security of knowing they belong to a mom and a dad.

Being claimed by a parent is a gift.  It means we are part of their family.

When Jesus was baptized, his Father said, “This is my son.”

God the Father in the listening ears of those around claimed Jesus as his own.  Jesus heard it and the crowd heard it.

We do not share the same relationship as the Son does to the Father, but pretty close.  God the Father has put his name on us so we can be 100% secure that we are part of his family.  In baptism God put his name on us and claimed us as his own.  “This is MY son!”  “This is MY daughter!”

Galatians 3:26 You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, 27 for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.

To be sure we have given our heavenly Father many reasons to say, “I don’t know that kid.”  Our sin separates us from our God.  It leaves God many reasons to NOT claim us as his own.  But he chooses, by his love, grace and forgiveness, to leave his name on us and remind us we ARE his children.  This is a gift from our heavenly Father!

This is a gift we as dads (and moms, but again focusing on the important role of a dad this week) can give to our children.  Our children need to hear and be reminded that you are proud to have your name on them.  To hear you say with joy and pride, “That’s my kid!” 

Sure, they give you many reasons to say, “That’s not MY kid.”  But that’s where we as dads get to also express the love and forgiveness that our heavenly Father shows to us.  We get to forgive.  We get to show grace.  We get to restore.  We get to give guidance and wisdom.  We get to influence the children God has given to us to walk in his love and grace because they are our kids AND His kids!


Apply: Tell your children today, “I am proud to have you as my son/my daughter.”

Prayer: Father thank you for continuing to claim me as your own, even though my sin gives you many reasons not to.  Help me share this same gift with my children today or someday. AMEN.

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