Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX

Traditional Worship

At Cross & Crown we know a “style” or “feel” of worship can be a significant part of connecting with a church home and ministry.  Our traditional worship setting celebrates our rich Christian worship heritage and seeks to connect the worshiper to the Lord through historic, traditional forms of Christian worship. While variety is present, this service is grounded in the historic liturgies, hymns and calendar of the Christian church.

Traditional Worship Elements

Summary Tone is reverent and respectful. A traditional worship service has more structure, uses more traditional hymns closer to their original arrangements, but still on occasion includes a mix of contemporary styles.  The history of the church and Lutheran worship is evident.
Atmosphere Mood would match the service theme for the day, but would tend more to having a contemplative/reflective mood, creating a more sacred, reverent space.
Musical Instruments Main instrument would be organ or piano with enhancements of classical instruments (brass, strings, etc.)
Worship Team None
Liturgies Use of Christian Worship & Christian Worship Supplement orders of service
Creed Apostles’ or Nicene
Bulletin Printed weekly
Midweek Advent & Lent Traditional style
Musicians Individual organists/keyboardists with other instrument augments.
Sermon Same sermon each service (sensitivity to a 20 minute timing)
Pre-service Quiet and reverent – time for prayer and reflection
Prayers Written and scripted in liturgy
Lord’s Prayer Yes
Ushers Outside worship area – current practice. Ushers asked to dress in church dress (pants and button down shirt)
Communion Distribution Traditional Distribution – Individual cup.
Where do singers sing Either front or back
Greeting Done by pastor – Greeting of worshipers; introduction of theme
Pastoral Garb Gowns & appropriate stoles
Streaming Yes
Use of video Yes – as needed
Guest interaction Use of Welcome Cards for visitors
Dress Tending toward more formal (see ushers) – button down shirt, dress slacks, etc.


Preacher does whole service

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