Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX


At Cross & Crown we desire that your experience with us be positive, uplifting and faith building.

Here is what people are saying….

“Coming to a service at Cross & Crown you can expect a practical lesson about how to be closer to God in daily life. Pastor Mike and the congregation make everyone feel welcome. We really have a church family that loves one another and wants to share that with the community!” – Amy Hartzell



“I love Cross and Crown because my sister, Joni, and I both worship there. We have felt part of the family!”
– Jenny Lindsey





“Very friendly people. Pastor Geiger has a true love of Scripture and the sharing of it.”                     – Marta Staley




“My husband and I love going to Cross and Crown because they teach the true teachings of the Bible. We also love the sense of one family. It is so wonderful to be a part of a loving Christian family who believes and wants to increase their knowledge of Jesus while reaching out to our community, helping those who do not him!      – Michael & Lindsay Madigan


“Cross & Crown is family, not just like a family but truly family. They are loving & concerned for each member and go out of their way to help and make those new to the church feel comfortable and welcome.” – Shay Stearns








“We love that this church teaches the Bible is God’s Word; scripture is truly taught and followed. Pastor Eric Hartzell was a God-send for us and we have found all the pastors in the WELS to teach the same. We appreciate that they all go to the same seminary for their training and have a consistent theology.”   – Marjorie Mueller




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