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Lessons A

Lessons may be downloaded using the links below. Lessons are updated as newer revisions become available. The presentations are provided in Microsoft PowerPoint format (PPTX/PPT), Open Document Presentation format(ODP) and Adobe Portable Document Format(PDF).

1What is Confirmation?PPTX PPT ODP PDF
2God Tells Us About HimselfPPTX PPT ODP PDF
3God Gives Us His WordPPTX PPT ODP PDF
4God Created And Cares For His WorldPPTX PPT ODP PDF
5God Promised To Save Sinful MankindPPTX PPT ODP PDF
6God Sent His Son To Save MankindPPX PPT ODP PDF
7Jesus Christ Humbled Himself To Redeem UsPPTX PPT ODP PDF
8Jesus Christ Is Exalted In GloryPPTX PPT ODP PDF
9The Exalted Jesus Will Come AgainPPTX PPT ODP PDF
10The Holy Spirit Sanctifies UsPPTX PPT ODP PDF
11The Holy Spirit Gathers The ChurchPPTX PPT ODP PDF
12The Christian And Body MinistryPPTX PPT ODP PDF
13The Christian And PrayerPPTX PPT ODP PDF
14The Christian And StewardshipPPTX PPT ODP PDF
15The Christian And The Means Of GracePPX PPT ODP PDF
16The Christian And BaptismStudent Leader
17The Christian And The Lords SupperStudent Leader
18Gods Will For His People (Part I)PPTX PPT ODP PDF
19Gods Will For His People (Part II)PPTX PPT ODP PDF
20Gods Will For His People (Part III)PPTX PPT ODP PDF
21Gods Will For His People (Part IV)PPTX PPT ODP PDF
22Gods Will For His People (Part V)PPTX PPT ODP PDF
23Gods Will For His People (Part VI)PPTX PPT ODP PDF

If you wish to download files in PPT format and do not have PowerPoint you can download a free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft. You can download the free Adobe Reader for PDF files from Adobe. NOTE: If you receive an error from the Adobe Reader after clicking on the PDF you’re probably using an older version of the Acrobat Reader that had issues with some PDF files. Try upgrading to the latest version of the reader. Version 8 does not seem to have this problem anymore. If that doesn’t solve the problem then try saving the file and opening the saved copy. Right click on the link and select “Save Target As” to save a copy to a folder on your computer. Opening the saved copy should work.

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