Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX

High School

This ministry is under development at Cross & Crown while more teens join us.


We would love to see a program like this at Cross & Crown.  Please give us feedback on how we can better serve your family.


Teens at Cross & Crown are a vital and important group of 14-18 year old members (Youth Group) who join in fellowship to study Scripture, worship their Savior, and serve God’s people.

Each Sunday, the Youth Group holds its Bible study, often including videos as study topics. The group annually plans a mission trip to help one or more other WELS congregations with outreach programs such as VBS (vacation Bible school) or soccer camps. The group also sends a representation to the WELS International Youth Rallies.

To fund their mission trips, various activities are conducted as fundraisers: hosting/serving Lent and Advent Wednesdays suppers for the congregation (with help from the Forever Young group), helping Cross & Crown members with lawn cleanup and other household tasks, and babysitting nights for church families with young children.

The group also helps with Cross & Crown’s outreach efforts through post-card drops, Trunk or Treat staff, and Christmas and Easter for Kids volunteering.

our mission: Grow With Purpose - Go With Passion