Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX



Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega…the first and the last.  These two Greek letters, at the first and ending of the alphabet are pictured in the window. They can be seen and read from either side of the window, coming in or going out.

The fish is a symbol of the Christian Church.  It is an acrostic from the Greek word for fish: the first letters standing for the words Jesus… Christ…God… Son… Savior.”  This symbol became an identifying sign used by early Christians.

The circle and the triangle are symbols of the eternity of God and his nature as triune…Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Cross and the Crown describe the life of the believer…there is both the cross of following Jesus and the crown of victory with him and through him.  The congregation’s name is Cross and Crown Lutheran Church so this picture is really then the name of the congregation and we pass by this name each time we come and go through the front doors of our church.

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