Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX



with the Hebrew Tetragram

or, as we would write it, YHWH,  and pronounce it,YAHWEH.

The window to the right of the altar [not visible from the nave] shows our church’s name: Cross and Crown.  On the crown there are twelve gems shown.  These twelve gems are mentioned in Revelation 21.  As near as possible the colors correspond to the colors of the jewels.  It is interesting to note that when they are arranged in the composite jewel in the middle of the crown they equal the colors of the spectrum.  And we understand that these colors together make white, a symbol of God and his purity.  The four letters in the circle are God’s name.  In the Old Testament these letters are the name that is translated LORD.  This is the God of free and faithful grace.  The shapes of the letters are the very shapes of the Hebrew letters that Moses wrote down when he recorded the first five books of the Bible.  When you see this name of God, you think of Yahweh, the God of free and faithful grace.  This is the name God chooses when he comes to us with his covenant and his acts of kindness and salvation.

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