Crosspoint Church | Georgetown, TX

A Thanksgiving Reflection

A Thanksgiving Poem

(This poem/prayer was penned by Nadine Flowers, a friend of members Ralph & Mildred Dickson)

Thanksgiving is more than just one day, a certain time of year.

It’s God’s command of gratitude; It’s what he wants to hear.

Thanksgiving should come from deep within

A heart of love that never ends.

A spontaneous, grateful heart.

That acknowledges God for all he has done.

For his mercy and grace, his unfailing love

For daily provision and all the things, we’re not worthy of.

Being grateful, thankful, every day.

Honoring God in all our ways.

Putting him first as we plan our day.

Realizing he’s worthy of our honor and praise.

True thankfulness comes when we truly know God.

Recognizing his goodness as he lives in our hearts.

Remembering what he has done in our lives.

He provides, he sustains, he comforts, he guides.

So enjoy the turkey, the stuffing and pie.

It all comes from God, the giver of life.


A blessed and happy Thanksgiving Day to you all!

“O give thanks to the Lord for he is GOOD and his love endures forever!”

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