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A Memorial Day Prayer

A Memorial Day prayer

(Adapted from a prayer posted:

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy Name.

We, your children, come with very grateful hearts for all You have done for us as individuals and as citizens of this great nation. We recognize it is because of Your Grace and the sacrifice of so many that we can call ourselves Americans and can be a part of the most blessed nation in the world.

On this Memorial Day enable us to remember.

To remember those who have given their all for the values we hold as Americans. To remember those who have returned with wounds so physically and emotionally deep, that they may never be the same as before.

May we sympathize with those who will never see the birth of their child, their child’s graduation, see their daughter as the beautiful bride, or stand with their handsome son as the groom. May we also sympathize with the many who will never hold a grandchild, cruise the oceans, or live to see old age.

Your Word says, “No greater sacrifice can be given than to give one’s life for his friends.”

That is what so many have done. They have given their lives for their country, for the freedom and values we hold so dear.

Father, as we remember on this memorial day, help us join with the grief stricken families that live every day with the sorrow their loss has brought. May we who live in freedom bow our heads and grieve for the many that have died in war and out of our grief we urgently pray for peace and the end of war.

Heavenly Father, Creator of this world, as we remember this day, let us also be thankful for the men and women who are willing to lay it all on the line and die so their families and friends can live in freedom.

Help us to remember with sincere gratitude those who’s final resting place may be in one of our beautiful national cemeteries or in a small family plot as well as those whose remains rest abroad or whose resting place has yet to be found.

God Bless those who have given their lives; God bless their families who grieve, and God bless America with a continued freedom to live and share our faith in you. May we hold close and dear the values for which our men and women died.

Lead all who serve in our armed forces to find their hope, peace, and eternal comfort in the life, death and resurrection, so that should their life be giving in sacrifice of our country, their soul might live with you forever.

On this Memorial Day we pray for peace in America, and around the world.   We pray for the protection of our soldiers today who are in harm’s way. We pray the world will know You are the True and Living God, the Father who created each of us, the Son who gave his life for all of us, and the Spirit who brings life to our hearts to trust you.

In the Name of our Triune God. AMEN

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