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Sharing Grace Matters!

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This week’s devotions are based on “The Key” Week 4: “Share Grace!” (WATCH HERE)

1 Timothy 4:15 Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. 16 Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.


It matters.

Paul was passionate about people hearing and believing in the grace of God.  He loved Timothy as a brother in Christ and was greatly invested in Timothy being a great leader for the Lord in Ephesus.  But more importantly, he was concerned about the soul of Timothy and the others around.

Our world offers many causes to be passionate about.  We can invest time in politics and getting platforms pushed through local and state legislatures.  We can be all in for a group that is researching the solution to cancer, heart disease, or other physical ailments.  One can stand up for the unborn, the neglected or the abused.  Another takes on the issue of pets that are abandoned.

Noble causes.

But there is no more noble cause than the cause of the Gospel.

It is the only cause that impacts individuals souls for eternity and Paul wanted Timothy to know how much it mattered for him and all his hearers.

People need to hear grace.  People need to hear about Jesus.

But it starts with grace permeating our hearts and lives.

It continues as that grace grows more profoundly in every aspect of our life.

It multiplies as we share grace with others.

To perpetuate the cause of grace, Paul encourages three things in these verses.

First be diligent in these matters.  All the things that Paul wrote about in 1 Timothy 4 were to be prioritized for Timothy.  Recognize when people are going astray.  Ground your heart in grace and be bold to proclaim grace.  This wasn’t a passing encouragement, but a strong directive: “Be diligent in these matters.”

Second, be all in.  “Give yourself wholly to them.”  Any athletic coach is looking for people who are “all-in.”  These athletes dedicate their life to improving in their craft.  When people see them between games, they think, “He/she’s getting better!”  So it is true of our Christian faith and life.  Do people notice you growing deeper in your faith and walk with your Savior?  Do they recognize every  month, “Wow, they are getting better as a follower of Christ!”

Third, recognize your impact.  To be clear, the reason a person ends up in heaven is 100% God’s doing and a gift of grace.  In the process he has chosen people like you and me to share grace with others.  The impact of this is that our actions have impact on ourselves and others.  For example, if we are not daily developing our faith and training in godliness, the strength of our faith will stagnate or decline.  If my faith is not growing, I am not sharing and if I’m not sharing, others aren’t hearing the message of Jesus.  If others aren’t hearing the message of Jesus, they too cannot believe on the one they have not heard of.  

Paul’s statement is not one to hear from the point of view of the law.  That is don’t read these words, “If you don’t share your faith you are going to hell.”  No.  Our salvation is secure in Jesus.  However, read these words as the profound privilege and impact you can have as God’s Spirit uses you to share grace.  “You will save yourself and your hearers.”

Now that’s pretty cool!


Apply: Ask the Lord for his Spirit to give us commitment to grow in grace and share grace!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the gift of grace the privilege to share it with others.  Keep us growing in your grace and bold to share your grace with others.  AMEN.

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